sábado, 6 de setembro de 2008

The Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

The Vivitar Ultra wide and Slim is the cheapest camera that I bought “new in a box”. I bought it on e-bay for about U$ 16,00 including the shipment to Brazil. It’s a small piece of plastic fully set (as in set aperture f11, a 1/125 shutter speed and fixed focus from 5ft to infinite) don’t have the fun bulb features, hot shoe, multiple exposures and don’t use any kind of battery, it’s a great camera to be used in sunny days! It’s the smallest plastic camera that I have, you can walk around with it in a pocket. The coolest thing in this camera is his extra wide (22mm) plastic lens, which produces amazing flare when pointed into the sun, massive depth of field, some nasty color contrast in the right light, and also vignettes in the corners. I love to use slide films in it and x-pro, my last film was a Sensia 100 (24 exp.) and I did 28 shots!